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tv   The News Hour With Jim Lehrer  PBS  November 30, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer prodtions >> woodruff: good eveng. i'm judy woruff on the newshour this mony: the lead storis... the presidt's afghan strategy, ray suarez has our covege. then after t other news of the day, military reaction to the decion to send more troops from ben gilbert of global po in kandahar and tom bearden at the fort cson, colorado armcommunity. >> we have a mission of stabilizi afghanistan and protecting our nation against terrorists. i think we better nish that mission.
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>> theyneed to bring our men home. i don't like thedea of anybody else goingver there. >> wdruff: jeffrey brown gets the latest on the mahunt for the guan who shot 4 police officers in washington sta. and margaret warner has update on yesteay's elections inonduras where a conservative candidate won. >> today we strt a new era in e history of honduras. change begins today. major funding for t newshour with m lehrer is provided by:
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>> chron. this is t power of human energ and by toya. and monsao. ant thornton.
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and by thelfred p. sloan fodation. supporti science, technology, and improved economic performance and fancial literacy ithe 21st century. d with the ongoing support o these institutis and foundatio. and... this program was made psible by the corration for publicroadcasting. and by ntributions to your pbs station from viewers ke you. thank yu. >> woodruff:resident obama ben filling in key internation leaders today on his new war strategy for afghanistan. it was part of the final ruup to his announment, in a nationly televised address tomorrow night. ray suarez haour lead story rert. >> suarez:he president infmed his top civilian and military aidesf the decision last night,nd set in motion a far-reachg overhaul of u.s. policy in afghanistan. the centeiece is expected to
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be the deployment of up to 3500 additional american troops raising the tot to some 100,00 the firsto go are likely to be 9,000 u.s. marines movi into southern hmand province, a nter of taliban resistance. butt's already clear the president faces oosition in congre. vermont indendent bernie sands was on abc yesterday: >> i have a al problem supporting 30,000 or 40,00 more trps and $100 billion more a year for that r on top of what we're spending in ira >> suareztoday, white house spokesman robert gibbs said he issue of cost, not onlyn lives but treasure, will factor into the president'sddress. >> he will touchn the cost, noteginning of debate or the end of it. he'll acknowledge resource requirements. >> suarez: mr. oba spoke today withritish prime minister gordon brown and italy prime
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inister, silvio rlusconi; both nions have pledged to send more forces. mr. obama so spoke with rusian president dmitiri medvev and with french president nikolas sarkozy, t france annound that it will noadd troops. today's "new york times" reported presidt obama is also eady to set out a time frame for the entual american thdrawal from afghanistan. an"the washington post" said the president will rfocus efforts on pakistan -- afghanitan's troubled nuclear neighbor to the east. the address is set for tomorw night at the s. military acady at west point. for more othe administration's decision-making, we talk to eric schmittf the new york times washingt bureau. eric, at this pot, a full day bore the president's speech, ist fair to say we' already mid rollout? >> we are, ray. what happening today, as youescribed in your repor is the president has put s... s given his oers to military commanders and
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civilianeaders. he's bn calling the ally leaders around theorld and forming him of his decision and some t details. tomorrowe'll meet th editial columnists a also with leading meers of congress to exain his decision befor the nationally levised address tsday evening. suarez: and following th, members of the administratn will heaup to capitol hill? >>hat's right. they'll fan out beginningon wednesday d thursday. secretary of ste clint, defense secretary rot gates, chairmanf the joint chief of staff mike mullen wil all be testifying before the mitary and foreignffairsommittees in the house and the senate, oviding congress with the first opportunity torill the administration officialon theresident's policy chae. sneeb from your reporting,s general mcrystal going to ge pretty much what he's asked forin the number additional troops? >> i thin if you add up the troops that the uted states wil commit as well ashose that nato countries e going to commit and that'still a work in progress on the latter. i'm ld by senior defense officials that general
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mcchrystal wl be more or less satisfied with t nuer that he believes he needs to do the counterinsurgcy campai that he laid outn his stragic assessment arlier this year. suarez: now, it tak a while to get everybody deployed, doesn't it? it does. it will take sever months, aually several weeks for the firsttroops. ut the mares that you meioned will be going in first early next year t be folowed soon after by a number of... several hundred perhaps up to a thousd army trainers. these will be doing th initial training of afghan recruits. the recruits willhen be put to theirnits and partnered with aerican units onhe ound. this will be a phased deployment goi over the next 12 to months. the troo that you mention in your broadcast, u to sme 30,000 oro will be phased in over that me frame. >> suaz: once all those new forces are i afghanisn, how will that new peak cpare to the peak der the bush administration. it's much greater. as you said it ll be up clo to 100,000merican troops ale.
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add on top of that the alli troops that will there. this will be atleastour or ve times greater than wh the troo levels wereor much of the bush administration. >> suarez: it's be widely reported that e president is ssuring people in washingt thathere is not an open-ended commitment in afghistan. what have yo been finding o aut the nature of the timeble and the targets for withdrawal? >> that's rigt. he's notoing to s a specific time frame, aime date to withdraw, but he is going to make clr that there will berogress, the so-called benchmarks that they'll be watchinto match progres up against the time tha the u.s. has to stay tre. this will be bothor the government of afghanistan and fothe government of pakistan. both these countries, the administratn feels, need to step upnd do more. more for their own security in the long term so tha eventually the american comtment there in afanistan can wind down. >> suarez: wen similar
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timebles and taets were proposeearlier this decade for iraq under presidt bush, iwas very controveial. is i turning out to be the same this time, now that the suggestions are beingade aboutfghanistan? >> it is. i think wha you'll see is there will be different in this nse. there won't be firm timetables for troops, for instance, the afghan increasing t number afghan soldiers and national police forces. i thi they'll be looking less at trying toit a targe number than ensurg that the new afghan scurity forces are a quality a can be deployed in a way that makes sense on theround. so i thi the will be a different kind of timeble at the president will announce tomorrow night. >>uarez: how does pakistan figure into this new strategy? >> pakistan is crual. is obvious the leadership of alqaeda waschased out of afghanistan aft 2001 into the tribalreas and the mountaous border area beween afghanistan and pakistan so the qaeda adership is there. two of the main groups that are conducting attacks in afghanistan do so ou of safe
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havens in pakistan in the last several weeks,the kistani army haslaunched an offensive against some o these litants in thisrea ich the administration h praised. t right now the administration wantspakistan tdo more, more on the gund against some of these insurgentsho use pakistan a a refuge from which to attack americannd nato troops in afghanistan. >> suarez: eric schmitt of t "nework times," thanks for joinings. >> you're we will come.< >> woodruff: we get retion to the afgn strategy from two military bases later in t program. and on we havanalysis and on-the- ground repoing from our partr, global post an international news web te. >>oodruff: in other news today officials in iq reported fewer han 90 civilians have been killed in tacks and fighting this month. it's one ofhe lowest totals since the u.s. invasion i2003. and, it's wn sharply from
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october, when more than00 iraqi civilianwere killed. theice president of iran today defended plans touild ten new plan for enriching uranium. blamed the u.n. nuclear agency for demanding tt iran halt all eichment. the iranian official sa: at the u.n., american ambsador susan re sharply criticized the announcement. >> we view t iranian announcement, if it is in fact accurate and implemented, they intendto build ten additional filities as complete inappropriate and fuher isolatg iran fromhe international communy. we view thatrankly as unacceptable. >> woodruff: frae also
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condemnedran, and warned the government there is playi "a dangerous ge". pirates t of somalia have hijacked a tanker filled wi $20 million in crude oil, bnd for the u.s. happened on sunday, about 8 miles off ea africa. the tanker had 28 cremembers on boar soma pirates have hijacked a number of ships in rent months, b this is only the second oil tanker. stocks fell hard today in th uned arab emirates over the debt csis in the gulf city state of dubai. it was the first day of trang since the conglomerate bai world said iwants to defer paments on debts. it owes $60 billion. today, the government dubai said it won't guarant the huge debt. walltreet edged higher despite dubai's problems andears of weak hoday sales. the national retail federati reported total spendingon black friday s down from last year.
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still, the dow jon industrial avege gained nearly 35 points to close above 10344 the nasdaq rose 6 points close at 2144. the u.s. senate hasormally opened bate on health care reform. the bill oered by democrats would cost $848 llion over the ne 10 years. majorityeader harry reid said today it's critical to a soon and he waed senators they'll giving up some of their holiday time. >> i see everne within the sound o my voice, the next weekends-- plal-- we will be worki. i have events ts weend tt i'll have to postpe. some i'll have t cancel. thas the way it's going to haveo be with everyone. there not an iue more mportant than finishng this legislation. >> woodruff: repubcans argued theill should not pass before year's end or any oer time. senatojon kyl of arizona said the legislation iseeply flawed.
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>> i dot think this bill can be fixed. in fact, i don't think the majority will aow it to be fixed. th's why i, along with m reblican colleagues, believe at we should start over and attk the problems thatface r country in aore realistic way. >> woodff: also today, the congressional budget offi reported that der the senate ll, premiums would be up to 60% lower for tho who buy their owinsurance. that's ter factoring in deral subsidies. the obama administrion will push harder to make mortgage lenders keepeople in their hos. the treasury depament announced itill start naming companies that neeto modify more ans. underan existing federal prram, only about 1,700 homeowners havreceived a new, estructured loan. some 375,000 are egible. leged nazi death camp guard
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john demjanjuk went on tri today in german he's charg with being an accessoy to the murders of early 28,000 jews at t sobibor death camp in poland. t 89-year-old was wheel into a mich court. but proceedings were delayed again,hen he complained of pain and was taken out on gurney. demnjuk has insisted he is innocent. golfing star tger woods will t compete again this year after a weekend carrash. woods announced that today. he cited injuries suffed when he wrecked his.u.v. in florida, early last fday morning. a statement yesterday, wood said was all a, "private matter". ande dismissed rumors of an extra-marital affair. >> woodruff: and still to ce on the newshoutonight, a manhunt in washiton state and t honduran elections.
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that follows two tas on reaction to presint obama's pcoming announcement that hel send more tros to afghanistan. the first comes from b gilbert of globapost. part of our n partnership with that international newsweb site. i talked with him by pho earer today from kandahar airfield. ben, thankou for talking wi us. tell us, remind us, where kandahar is and why it's important to the milary. >> the provincial capital of kandahar ovince which is in southern afghanistan and kandahars the original founding city the taliban. they came out of this to, of this city aually, with 500,000-800,000 people in 1994. is the... to generals ve called it the gravity or th center of gravity of southern afghantan and ty put particul emphasis on the
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necessity ofsecuring this to. this area in southern afghanistan, the nat forces here tat the a part ofs the aea of operations called regional command sth. what that i is the largest area operations within the nato international security force in afghanistan. it'sbout 34,000 troops right now. most ofhem are u.s.roops. the afghan police d army is supposeto be in control of the citof kandahar but actually the talibanhas establish their own courts there. therere neighborhoodosses. if you cooperate wh the foreign forces, u know, we're wating you. the tactics an a shad governme there actually is sa to be running kandah city. so theoal of many of the
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for are speculang that the emphasis ofart of the sue of troops will be to aually ring kandahar not unlike the ghdad surge operation in 2007 in iraq. the area around kdaharill be saturat with a number o troops to kind o cut off kandaha from being infiltrated by thealiban. >> woruff: ben, from your conversatns with officers an with enlisted troops, wh arehey saying about what they expt from this announcemt of the president? >> everyone is reading the new they fl there will be around 34,000 trps who are included in the surge. but it's really vided. there was captain ias talking to today an air force captain who istraining afghans i logistics for the mitary. he said, you know, we've g health care to wor about in the state we have auge deficit and our economy unemployment you know, let's get everybody
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out of here and focus on the ited states. afghanisn has a long way to go. let's bring the troops home and stop wasting money here. then you have the flipide of that view. some will say that atually what afghanistan needs is more troops. some ofhese guyshave been running... e guy i taed to have bee running clearance. he sai we clear i.e.d.s off the street and we come bck e next day and they're pland again. what we ed is more troop on the ground,ore boots o the ground in order to surate aras. >> woodruff:en gilrt with obal post, thank you vy much, reporting from kandah rfield. >> ank you, judy. >> woodruff: rt two com from newshour rrespondent tom earden. he visit a military community in colorado over the weend.
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>> the returning soldiers the 10th cbat support hospital (cheers) >> reporte fort carson has aged a lot of coming-home ceremonies. this one was for 3 soldiers of the th combat support hospital. hey returned on saturday nig after spending aear in iraq. but ev though these soldiers had just tohed down on home soil, their famils were alrea anticipating their next deployment. stephanie becs husband is a scialist with the unit. >> i ow he's going to deploy in the future. thereis already a rumor that he's going to deploy. so we'll prepare for it wle he's home. ando the best we can while he's gone. >> rerter: capt. tim whoolery is a nurse, and a fath of three childn. >> i think you gohrough phases. right now everyone is cited to be home. to think about gng again and bei separated is very difficult. t after awhile, the idea of what you've accompshed, the
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meries and the feeling of accomplishment helps y get ready for thnext move > reporter: over the past eit years, units om fort carson ha primarily been deployed to iraq. but that started to cnge this year. currently 4,000 ft. carson soldiers are iafghanistan, and 500 more will be sent next summer. ♪ armyegulations don't permit soldiers to talk to thmedia about picy decisions like a potential sur in afghanistan ile they're in uniform, but th soldiers and their families we talked toere unanimous in saying they werready to do whaver is asked of them. sgt. varion rrest has served o tours in iraq and one in afghanistan. but thiweekend he was the one in the audienc welcoming home s wife from her deployment with the hospitalnit. >> this ishat it's all about, moments like this. >> reporte: he just re-enlisted for another four yrs, because he bieves in what he's doing. >> i have faith in my aining and justo for it.
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as a lead now, i make sure my soldiers have the traininand they're rea. i've done this bere. i'm preparedentally and phycally. now i ju make sure my soldiers are ready. >> reporr: you're prepared to keep this up indefinite? >> yes i am. you gotta have a passi for what you do. i have that passioand so do some my peers. and that's why weook forward to r next deployment and serving our country. >> repter: away from t army post, at t black bear diner, other soldiers told us the opposed sendingore troops. 21-year-o chris toppin is a combat eineer who returned from iraq in march. >> what are we real over there for? i don't rely see the point. because we're not really loong for osama bin den. so it's more or less for the taliban and erasinthem. but you'rnever going to get rid of someone who can hide along with civilia. and th believe what they believe in. so youan't really stop that. y can't really change the way someone thinks. so why are wover there losing american lives that don't nd to be lost?
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you got famies that are witut husbands and wives r a year to 15 nths at a time. it's just ridicuus. >> reporter: osr brown seed in the air for for 3o years. he andis wife vivian, who have a son who was deployeto iraq, are of o minds about a troop surge. >> the miion is essential and it might bessential to have more support, tn hopefully it's something wcan do and get out of there as soon as possible. > reporter: what do you thin >> i n't like it. i'm mother. we need to brg our men home. i don't like the idea ofnybody else goingver there. i don't like looking ithe newspaper anseeing these famies being left without a father, without a motr. i just dot like it. i don'like it at all. >>eporter: at spencer's garden market, where peop are already picking out chrtmas trees, owner dan robinson aeed.
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>> i'm from the vietnamar era. that was a police action. i see this as a pole action. i see nbenefit to the people of the united states atll. >> rorter: there are some who say if we don't senmore that thoseho have already lost their lives will have wast theilives. >> ie vieam. >> reporter:hat's the parallel you see? yes." >> reporter: businessmanack mcendre saythat like many coorado springs residents, he a consertive, didn't vote for president obama and disrees with him abo a lot of things. but he does suprt sending more oops. >> i think e decision should have been made faster. but ife've got a mission of stabilizing afghanistannd protecting ouration against teorists, i think we better fish that mission. >> reporter: and mortroops will do th? >> i hope so. have to believe we have t listen to the mitary guys on th ground.
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(congregation singing hym >> reportermany worshipers at the first congregational unid church of chrt have been stro supporters of president obama. st applauded when rev. jim broadbent called for non- military proach to afghanistan in his sermon. and broadbent says most membs will be very dappointed if the presidentoes through with the idea of a troop surge. >> present obama said that he would not escalate eier of the wars which we're involved. thahe would start to draw down troops. so this doesn't feel like h's following thrgh on that promise. >>eporter: also in his sermon, rev. broadbent told the meers he cried wh the president won the nobel peace prize, hopi he would be mod to non-violent licies. >> perhaps i'll cry agaion tuesday. i hope it's cause i'll be surised because of some ne thinking on thinow 8-year-old colict. but i ar it will be because i'll be crushed by e irony th someone would choose a militaryolution in the same month he receives the nobe peace prize.
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>> reporter: liberaor conservative, litary or civili, one thing everyone we talked to agreed on--that t president needs to elain exacy what he wants to accomish by sending more oops, and what his ultimate plan is for getti them all out. >> woodruff: this pledge week on plic television. we're king a short break now so your public televion station caask for your suppt. >> good evening, i'm pa anthony, and i'm here with ula kerger, present and chief execute officer of pbs. binning on december 7th, you'll notice some changes i this program, includg a new name, "pbs newshour." jim lehrer will be joed each evening at the anchor desby one of thr senior orresponnts on a rotating schedule and more field reporting bmargaret warner and ray suarez will add a new imension to eir work. the onle newshour wilproduce video newupdates on their
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weta.orand thank you. >> woodrf: now the latest on the murder of four pice officers in washiton state and the manhunt thacontinues tonigt. jeffrey brown has the sty. >> rerter: the shooting curred yesterday morning at coffee shop in the burb of lakewood about 35iles south of sttle. police say e suspect shot the officers while thewere sitting ata counter at the start of their shift. police have identifd the suspect amaurice clemmons. he has an extensive viont criminal record inrkansas and washgton state.
7:32 pm
today, law enfcement searched he area for clemmons. he was thght to have been ornered by a swat team at a attle home overnight, but a search showed he had fl the scene and clmons remains on e loose. chr grygiel is part of the reporting team at theews website,, thas covering the ory. and he joinse now. chris, is there any kwn motive at this point, any sense that these particular officers were targed? >> no. it's not believed that tese officers were targeted because of who theywere at individls but rather targetedecause they were lice officers. this i you know, a very hectic, chaotic situation. the st motive at police have right now i that this man wasentally ustable and perhaps facing, younow, a ry long prison term and snapped. >> brown: sothis was a place though that police oicers re known to gather. so in essen these oicers were just happening to be
7:33 pm
there is what ey're thinki and were ambushed. >> it looks that way. the owner of tat coffee shop is a rmer polemen. these officersere having ffee, checking their laptops preparing for their shift. thejust happened to be ther when thiman entered the store. >> brown: and mr. clons is ied how? why is the pre suspect? is this eyewitnesses what is known about what ties him to the killings? >> you ow, probably i think 's a combination of tips, witness, the police all day yesterday we urging people to call p lines, to contact them if they h any formation about this case. this case wasall over th media in washington state all day yesterday. and throughout theight. again day. and late yesterday afternoon theynnounced that so clemons was aerson of intert and then te, late last nighthey said that he was a spect and had possibly been wounded inhe cofrontation with the ficers. >> brow let's try to fill in
7:34 pm
a bit as much as we can this bit about h. i mentioned the extensive criminal record fist in arkansas where heas convicted as a teechb in a sees of crimes. he served years and then wasaroled by ten govnor mike huckabee. what more ca you tell us about that? >> well,when he was, i believe 17r 18, he was sennced to essentially a life seence for violent burglaries. he wa... his sentence was then commuted byhen govern huckabee after 11 yr. governor huckabeeited his youth at the time of h sentencing so he was let go. sin that time he's had variousun-ins with the law in arkansas and washinon state. after he w commuted from wt was essentially a lif sentence back in arkansas. >> brown: tell us more about the more recent circumstances because understand he just got out of jail rently on bail. what was the pendi charge there? >> well, he was arrested on
7:35 pm
assault and child rape charges. nitially when he was arrested he was ing held on a no-bail warrant because of legal complications in arkansas. however, arkans fted the no-bail provision. he wasble to make bail. has been free since th time. >>rown: so clearly you quickly have questions out there about why this man is on the stet, correct? >> absolutely. in arkansas d here, the questions are how this man wh not only his criminal history but there are... ere are reportshat he had some pretty serious meant iues and had been evaluatedby mental heth profsionals. the question isow thisan was either not in jail orin some sort of mental institutis but rather was free en this incident occurred yesterday mrning. >brown: there were reports that he was ot and wounded perhaps in the shooting yesterd with the police
7:36 pm
officers. how much is knownbout that? anything own about the tent of his ijuries? >> yes. theolice believe he was seriously wounded. it believed one of the officers red on him befe at officer died. police believe he was perhaps shot in thchest and believed last night tha he was holed up in a house in a seattle neighborhood. they surrounded th house for more than six hours before ey eventually went in and discovered he wasn't tre. they initially tught he may be inside tat house and be dead. rit now they are searchin mountain passes, ferries. they're getting dozensand dozens and doze of tips. i think they're being overwhelmedby tips and theye trying to find this man whom they still consider armed and dangerou and erhaps grievously wounded. >> brown: thank you vy much. >> thank you.
7:37 pm
> woodruff: in the central american nation of nduras, after months of a bitter standoff, a presidenti election h finally taken ple. margaret warn has that story. >> warner: the streetof the honduran pital-- tegucigalpa were calm today, as honduns took in earlyesults from suny's presidential voting. election officials aounced thatorfirio "pepe" lobo, a conservati rancher, had a trong lead, with more than 5. lobbegan celebrating, shortly after the polls cled. >> ( translated ):our years ago i did not win myse but four yearsgo by quickly and here we are today. today we start a new e in the historyf honduras, change begins today. >> warnerthough the organition of american states did not send nitors to observe, lobo called t election "the clnest in the htory of the country". honduran ficials said more tha60% of registered voters
7:38 pm
cast ballots, and nepaper headlines called the turnout "massive." but ousted president manuel zelaya disputed t claims. was forced into exile last je, in what the u.s. and others branded a cou zelaya spoke sunday fromhe brazilian embay, where he's be holed up since returning to honduras in septemr, >> ( transted ): i declare this process illegal and illegitimate as prident of honduras it does t represent the sovereign rights of hondura and should annulled and redone under a legal syst. >> warner: bzil, argentina, nezuela and other neighbors also condemned thvote as illegitate. but colombi, panama and costa rica endorsed it. in washington, a t state departmentfficial-- arturo valenzuela-- call the vote an imrtant step forward, but said it's not the end othe process.
7:39 pm
>for the countries of the hemisphere to work towds the restoration of hondur later on, hondur must do more than selection. national reconciliation thugh national uny. the people of honras want nothing ss. >> warner: valenzuela urd the honduranso try again to create a unity government to orsee the countryntil january 27th, when the new president takes office. late this afternoo i spoke with marcello valv of new americamedia, who has been covering the election. welcome. whatwas the scene like yesterd at the polling places you visited? >> well there w a robust turnout at many of the pls i visid. there were ev peopleike 98-year-old eat grandmother who was votg at the polls. a handicapped person that s carried in on piggy-back.
7:40 pm
in many of the wealthy and middle class distris there was very heavy turnout. >> warner: so in the poorer neighrhoods where th ousted president'support is stroest, was there a noticeable difference? >> there was. there wa a noticeable differenc there was about 30% turnout at one of the polling stations i vised. this was in one of thevery poor hillside neighborhoods ere there were tted dirt roads. they said that, you know, there was a lile bit of intimidation ging around in at neighborhood about pple o voted fearireprisals. >what did peopleho did vote d people who didn't voteell you about why? why th chose to participate or not? >> those who did vote said they wer votingor peace in honduras. they were voting forn end to the cha that engued this country ever since the president was ousted. tho who didn't vot like one person spoke to who said that the11 brothers and sisters head had ways voted for one ofhe traditional parties hre said ey didn't vo because they
7:41 pm
didt think the vote was legitimate. because it waseld under atypical conditns, they didn't think they waed to endorse the procs with their vote. >> warner:o now we still ave this stand-o osteal mate. zelaya, fir of all, wha is his me plan? what do h and his supporters say? >> lit his latestove has been to say even if the congress restates him on december 2 he plans not to asse the presidencyf th's what happens. he sa that he's not goi to white wash this vote by agreeing toe reinstated if that's whatthe congress deides. >> warner: and weshould point out that undehe terms of the agreeme underwhich he originally returned, negotiated agreement, he wa supposed to be able to join a short-rm interim government unl late january if congress approved it. isthat right? >> that was the pl. uer the agreement if the congress decideso reinstate zelaya he would ser out the remainder of his term which uns until january 27ful until the wier assumes power.
7:42 pm
>> effectively of course without much pow. >> well i mean that's righ he would be pa of anity gornment. he would be crippled litically obviously by evything that's happened. he wou watched ver closely by the international community. >> warner: now, does the man whoas been elected or almost been elected, guess the ruls aren'totally official ye what has he said aboutthis passe? >> well, he's tried stre a conciliatory tone. hsaid that should speak to zelay and speak to all sides in the crisis, tat t idea of a uty government is a good one althoug in the past he has said tha he doesn't thin zelaya should be back i a office. lately he's tried to seem more conciliato. he's eve said that perhaps deal could be work out so if zelaya does leave the embassy where he's been refuged for so lo he won't fa threat fr the interim government.
7:43 pm
>> warner: the sate department called on all the parties to work togeth, cooperate, come up wth so resolution. have you heard anythingbout whether talks a unrway in any dire sense between the antagonts here? >> i think the talks have been indect between brokers of the accord. theris a sense that the negiationsaretill under threat. everythingas been a little bit unpredictable here in honduras everince the events of june8. the intrigue continues. >> warner: now theobo, what do hend his supporters say abo whether there conceedhat for the longer tem a lot of... a number o major latin amican countries have not recogzed this election andhe organization of aericantates hasn't either? >> they are troubl by that. lobo has said he's gong to reach out t all theatin american counies that have said ey will now recognize the election. he h al said in all truth the relationship that really matters for honduras is the
7:44 pm
relationship withhe the united ates. he's tryin to highlight th united state' nod to this election saying it' an mportant step in the overall reconciliaon process to bring hondurans together. >> warner: economically certainly the u.s. is t most importan playerb] or partner for hondura >> by far. hondurasends a widemajority its exports to the united states. its immigrants inhe united stat and a huge number of reittances back, the honduran ecomy is very dependent on the unid states. >> waer: all right. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> woodruff: you c find out more out the new honduran president at our web site >> woodrf: finally tonight, a ofile of poet marie ponsot. at 88-years-old lasmonth, she publisd "easy," her sixth collection of poems.
7:45 pm
> i'm marie ponsot and i am years old whh is very enterining. you have not gotn there yet, probly although qui a few people do. but i recommend it toou, it is fun 70 is great but 80 is terrific. whenou get to be 8o you can not ce about lot of things that used to cause you xiety. i do not ca. i just do notare. there are things care about, but allhis worrisome stuff, no i do not care. i'm a city perso i like nework city very much. i have 7 children. they proceeded in the same direction so 16 gndchildren and 9 reat-grandchildren. i just love them without efft
7:46 pm
aall. so i havall these people to love without effort withou having to chose e right one. i ju love them without effort at all. d here for the good of our souls is a sonnet caed testing gardeng. as you can see, i like to putr around with ps and plants and rt in the rden i watch myself take care as if i were th garden. i even learn from exrience! slowly fair is fr, i may grow less stup and learn to turn error to advantage though mistakes take years uprting seedlings sprung from seed dropp a decade ago in error's long wake. i was right to want youto sweat, weed, balae acid soil, sheld you from sunscald early then prune to maksure the sun you ed found you.
7:47 pm
for thesfew spring weeks you're a sprawl of fwers, you green the summ toward the rest fruited autumn. yet it's winr that's best, yes, timagine joy, next. the winter test. cities are ideal r walking because theres no big effort bout it. pedal, left, right, lt, right is a wonrful rhythm. i think it has a lott do with the other rhyms of the body like youheart beating away pu, punk all the time. and i think it hato do with the wawe listen to poetry.
7:48 pm
i write long hd because i want to get the body into theoem. feel the pencil and the per and see it appear right in fnt of my eyesn my own handwriting ich is terrible, but that is all right i can read i i rewrite a lot. i lovto rewrite and i can go back and do that r a lot of sessio. i write for pleasure. i am rm supporter of the pleasure principle of lif things we realllike to do and refreshed by doing are thingwe should spend aot time doing. why not? i'm ing to read a couple poems foyou that are small in their leng anyway that i might not have had theourage to include in a book of poems before though quiet grave they do n have t quality of poetic
7:49 pm
gratas this one is callesimples what di want ell i want to get better and here's another one: this one is callebliss and grief no ones here right now >woodruff: marie ponsot reads more of her etry on our web >> woodruff: again,he major developments of t day president obama ben filling in wld leaders on his new afghan war strategy. a anhunt intensified around seate, washington for a man accused of killing foupolice officers osunday.
7:50 pm
and the u.s. sene formally openedebate on health care reform. we'll see youn-line. and agan here tomorrow evening. i'm judy woodruff. thank you and goonight. major funding for the nehour th jim lehrer is provided by what the world needs now is energy. the energto get the economy humming again. the energy to tackle challges like climatehange. what is th energy came from an energy company? everyday, chevron invests $62 million in peopl in ideas-- seekg, teaching, building. fueling growth around thworld to move usll ahead. this ithe power of human energy. chevron.
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